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Deliver your message and capture your audience

It is one thing to be told a message; it is an entirely different thing to be captivated by it. Video is what we do best. It is the most engaging and effective way to deliver your message and to enthrall your audience. It can stop them dead in their tracks. It can capture their attention and move them in ways no other medium can. Video is all of this and more.

video production

It's all about the camera

Well, no, not really. A camera is just a tool, a tool that we use to complete a task. We don't get too hung up on cameras anymore. With more than twenty years in video, we know that the cameras we use today are far superior to what we used yesterday. And of course they are archaic compared to what we will use tomorrow. Sure, we have great cameras SD, HD, big cameras and small cameras. But it is not just about the camera, or the format or the features. It is about what you can get out of that camera that matters. It is about light. It is about controlling light to evoke a response both from the camera and from the viewer. It is about setting a mood and making a scene believable. So believable in fact, that it becomes transparent that the camera is involved at all. The shot should just look right, unstaged, as if there were no camera, as if you the viewer are there and the scene is playing out just for you.


OK, so we have great cameras, great lenses and the best sticks to set them on. These things were decisions that we made just one time, at the time of purchase. However, we make multiple decisions each and every time we use them. Lens focal length, depth of field, what remains in focus and what does not? These are the things that we consider. What is it that we want the viewer to see in the shot and what do we subdue? Angle, camera height, light and shadow, are all things that affect the viewer's perspective. These are conscious decisions we make on each shot and they make the difference between good video and great video.

Delivering projects on time and within budget

Video projects, by nature, are dynamic and are often impacted by change, circumstance and other challenges. They require a professional, experienced team with a proven history to ensure that they are planned properly and managed effectively if they are to be completed on time and within budget. We keep the production process acutely focused on your goals and your message. We are guided by those goals, by your budget, and by the experience we bring to your project.

We accept comprehensive productions, simple talking head shots and everything in-between.

Rates - basic package day rate from $790
larger projects by bid

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