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Video Encoding

Do you have a video that youíd like to use, but canít because itís in the wrong format? Videobrite can help. We offer video conversion services for all video formats, and weíll work with you to determine Video-Encodingwhich format is best for your needs. Video encoding is ideal for:

  • YouTube and social media
  • Website display, file sharing, and online distribution
  • PowerPoint to DVD

All video encoding is completed in our video lab, located in Santa Rosa. Weíre open six days a week, and weíre available to answer any questions you may have. Youíre welcome to call us or come in whenever itís convenient for you.

Video Encoding

Technology is changing all the time. Weíve gone from film reels to VHS, then from DVD to digital file formats. Itís not easy to keep up with the changes, and itís frustrating when you have old videos that you canít use anymore.

Videobrite helps you keep up with technology by offering a full range of video services, including video encoding, which is perfect for sharing, displaying, and distributing your video through social media, online networking, or on your website.

Upload your videos to YouTube. Add your demo video to your website. Put streaming audio online and use video clips in your PowerPoint presentations by taking advantage of Videobriteís video encoding services.

Video Conversion

We offer video conversion for any media format including VHS, DVD, CD, or any digital video file. Here are just a few of the formats we convert to:

  • MPEG-4, and MPEG2
  • QuickTime and H.264
  • Flash video file FLV
  • Windows Media and AVI

We also work with professional videotape and audio file formats.

Video Services

Do you want to transfer your old film reels and VHS tapes to DVD or convert them to a digital file format? Would you like to spice up an existing video by editing it and adding music and titles? In addition to video encoding, we offer a full range of video services.

Learn more about video services and check out our rates page.

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