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Photo Scanning Service

Are you tired of watching your photos yellow with age? Is pulling out your old photo albums too much of a hassle? Would you rather view your photos on your computer or on television? Now is a good time to preserve your photos digitally before they are lost forever.

Photo Scanning Service

Videobrite’s photo scanning service transfers your photo prints and slides to digital format, so you can store them electronically and preserve them indefinitely. Once your photos are scanned, you can use them on your computer, online, in email, or you can print them. We can also create a slideshow, which you’ll be able to view on your television using your DVD player.

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Our photo scanning service is located in our video lab, right in Santa Rosa. We’re open six days a week, and we’re available to answer any questions you may have. You’re welcome to call us or come in whenever it’s convenient for you.

DVD Slideshow

DVD Photo Slideshow

Once we’ve completed your photo scanning, we can create a slideshow that you’ll be able to play on any standard DVD player, so you can view your photos right on your television!

Your photos will play in order with a dissolve effect. This effect makes your photos transition smoothly and seamlessly on the screen. Your DVD photo slideshow will include a music track and titles, just like a Hollywood movie.

Video Services

Videobrite offers an entire suite of audio and video services. In addition to our photo scanning service, we do film transfer so you can get your old home movies updated to DVD. We also do VHS transfer to DVD and we work with all other video formats as well.

DVD Slideshow starting at just $49.95

Learn more about our video services and check out our rates page.

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