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Audio Conversion

Are you tired of storing your old vinyl records? Are you still hanging on to a dusty stack of audiocassette tapes? Do you want to get those old microcassettes converted to CD or digital format so you can actually use them again? LP to CD Videobriteís audio conversion services can get your audio up to date.

  • LP to CD
  • Microcassette and cassette to CD
  • Digital audio conversion
All audio conversion is completed in our video lab, located in Santa Rosa. Weíre open six days a week, and weíre available to answer any questions you may have. Youíre welcome call us or come in whenever itís convenient for you.

Transfer to CD

Vinyl records get scratched and audiocassettes wear with age and repeated play. Audio transfer to CD is an ideal solution for preserving old or rare audio recordings that you donít want to lose to wear and tear.

Bring your vinyl records and cassette tapes to Videobrite and weíll put them on CD for you. We work with LPs and records (33 1/3, 78s, and 45s) as well as standard cassette tapes and microcassettes.

LP and Tape to CD

Audio Conversion

When you digitize your audio media, you are not only making it accessible again so that you can listen to it, youíre preserving it. Videobrite offers digital audio conversion from vinyl, cassette, microcassette, or any digital audio file. Here are just a few of the file formats we convert to:

  • AIFF
  • WAV
  • MP3
  • CDA
Do you have an audio recording thatís not on cassette or vinyl, or do you want to convert to a file format thatís not listed here? Give us a call. Chances are, we have the equipment for your audio conversion needs.

Video Services

In addition to audio transfer to CD and digital audio conversion services, we also provide a full suite of video services. We provide VHS and film transfer to DVD as well as video encoding to convert your films and videos to digital files.

Learn more about our video services and check out our rates page.

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